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Software that can be used to simulate network crashes. It came from a need of QA team to simulate multiple network crashes in a easy way. It's developed in C# on .net framework 3.5 .net framework 2.0 and Visual Studio 2008

The main idea is the be able to simulate network outage for specific period of time and any times the user want.

Main scope for the version 1.0 is:
  1. Be able to stop network communications in any DHCP or Fixed IP address networks. Done
  2. Be able to set timers: Done
    1. Total time. Done
    2. How many times the network will fail in the total time. Done
    3. How many time the network will recover from each fail. Done
  3. Create the GUI for the application. Done
  4. Usage of the Enable/Disable methods of Win32_NetworkAdapter when available. Almost There

The application now has the promised timer, the user can configure how many times the network will fail in a space of time.
Unfortunately the GUI is removed, but not for long, it will be back, but I prefer to work on the functionality first.

Main Issues
When using a big number as time to repair the network adapter the application shows "Invalid arguments where passed." message

Version History (Main Changes)
0.7.3509.34614 - The Graphic User Interface is back now.
0.5.3504.35641 - The application is now capable of crashing any kind of network connection DHCP or Fixed IP.
0.3.3504.24962 - The application now only need .net framework 2.0 to run.
0.2.3503.39365 - GUI has been removed and and the CLI is complete, the application now implements the timed crashes
0.1.3502.36849 - The application now crashes a single network adapter.
0.0.3498.7137 - The applications now shows the available network adapters.

How it works
It's a very simple tool that makes the selected network adapter to be unusable by changing it configurations. It's done in two different ways depending on the network configuration you have, DHCP or Fixed IP.
In a DHCP enabled network adapter the software leases the configuration of the adapter. To repair to just renew the adapter settings.
In a Fixed IP Address network adapter the software changes the configuration of the network adapter to a Reserved IP address, change the default gateway to a loop back address ( and save the original configuration to the "AdapterConfig.ncs" file. To repair the application restores the original configurations from the file back to the adapter.

I'm trying to implement a more intelligent code. On the "VistaAndUpBetterSupport-0.5.3504.35641" branch of the source code, I'm working in a code that detect the build of the Operational System and if it's Windows Vista or later it uses other and more safe methods to crash the adapter, very similar to the Enable/Disable, using this methods the adapter configuration remains intact.

This application at current state change the settings for the selected network adapter, and some times it may not be able to restore the original settings. Because of that I strongly advise to keep notes of your network adapter configuration before running.

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